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Itadakimasu is unique local gift shop offering many traditional Japanese items at reasonable prices. 

If you're looking for yakudoshi gifts, interesting restaurant supply items, or other hard to find Japanese items, please stop by! In our shop, you will find... maneki neko (lucky cat), kokeshi dolls, sake sets, tea sets, lacquer ware, chopstick sets, origami, lacquerware, bento boxes, happi coats, noren, tanuki, tabi, charms, fans, kanzashi, yukata, chan-chanko vest, kanreki gifts, and more. Lots of made in Japan items!

We are also the M'doridori studio.

Locally owned

Retail Hours:

Wednesday - Friday

10am - 3pm


9am - 1pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


In following with current situation guidelines, store is temporarily closed until further notice.

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2065 South King Street, Suite 109, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826, United States

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